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In this series of demo webinars, Exabeam’s technical subject matter experts walk through common security use cases to demonstrate the Exabeam Security Management Platform.

The webinars are interactive and each week time is set aside for questions.

MAR 14

Pramod Borkar Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Exabeam

Lateral Movement Detection: Smart Timelines and Contextual Enrichment

8:30 AM (PT) March 14, 2019

Lateral movement is a method whereby attackers traverse a network using IP addresses, credentials, and machines in search of key assets and data.

In this technical you will learn:

  • How to use the Exabeam Smart Timelines feature of Exabeam Advanced Analytics to detect anomalous lateral movements

  • How risk scores and contextual enrichment help with detecting abnormal behavior

  • How analysts can look for threat indicators beyond notable events

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Using Smart Timelines to Detect Threats

8:30 AM (PT) March 28, 2019

One of the biggest time sinks for SOC teams is to manually comb through raw logs to investigate incidents. Exabeam Smart Timelines automatically stitch both normal and anomalous events into a continuous timeline.

In this technical demo you will learn:

  • How to use Exabeam Advanced Analytics to take a behavioral approach to detect threat vectors

  • Common threat indicators and how to identify them using the Exabeam Security Management Platform

  • How to use Exabeam Threat Hunter to investigate threats

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MAR 28

Pramod Borkar Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Exabeam