Exabeam Cyberversity


Date: Monday, November 8th
Time: 2-3 PM PDT

Are you interested in cybersecurity? Are you looking to find a secure career opportunity to pursue in the future? 2021 is projected to have the most available job openings in the cybersecurity field, with over 3.5 million new openings worldwide; 500,000 of those in the US alone. Join us for CyberVersity hosted by Exabeam to learn more about the industry, and make crucial contacts to advance your career trajectory.


Whether you are a student, a recent grad, or looking to change career paths, this process comes with so many questions. Is our industry growing? What type of skills and education do I need? Who do I need to know? Is a career plan necessary? Join us at our live events to tackle these questions.


Each event will feature 5 cyber security panelists to discuss their own career paths, answer your burning questions, and provide critical contacts for your future. Our mission is to help you discover your career options within our field, and provide guidance on your next steps.

Our 1-hour webinars will cover topics like:

    • Career guidance
    • Job hunting techniques
    • Interview tips
    • Finding internships
    • Personalizing your career plan
    • Industry labor shortages
    • Career expectations
    • Strategic education and occupation choices
    • Identifying and applying necessary skills
    • Small companies vs big companies

Each session will start with the panelists answering a handful of pre-selected questions to guide our session. The second half is dedicated to answering your questions, about cybersecurity careers technical security topics, or anything relevant that is on your mind!

Additional Speakers:

  • Tim Lowe (Senior Community Content Developer, Exabeam)
  • Zane Gittins (Head of Security Ops, Meissner Filtration)
  • Scott Jefferd (Head of Security Ops, Canadian Tire)


Kati Hatch

Manager, Adoption Engineer, Exabeam

Carl Gboney

Senior Program Manager, Exabeam

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