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Heresy leads to Anger, Anger leads to Greed, Greed leads to…SOC Inferno

Date: Thursday, December 3rd
Time: 9 am PT / 12 pm ET / 5pm GMT


Luke Voigt

Chief Customer Architect, Exabeam

Duncan McAlynn

Founder and CEO, Operandis

There may be days in your SOC analyst life when you’ve experienced all three of these challenges before you’ve had lunch, assuming you’ve even got time for lunch. If you feel like you’re being held back by orthodox methodologies (read: legacy processes), you’re spending too much time leaning on creaking tooling, or you’re struggling to get answers from more logs than are needed to stoke hell's eternal flames – we hear you! The job description for a security analyst role never mentions these challenges, but for some of us they are all too real. Life in the SOC can be challenging, but it shouldn’t be hell.

Join Luke Voigt, Sam Humphries, and Richard Cassidy from Exabeam, and Duncan McAlynn from Operandis as they share their thoughts to help guide you out of Dante’s SOC Inferno.

This is part two in a series of three webcasts, accompanied by a series of nine blog posts.

Topics we’ll be discussing:

  • The heresy of orthodox SecOps
  • The Anger of shattered dreams
  • Greed and the ‘gimme’ mindset
  • …and how to escape these circles of SOC hell

Additional Speakers:

Richard Cassidy

Senior Director, Security Strategy, Exabeam

Sam Humphries

Security Strategist, Exabeam